For what should be the happiest and most relaxing time of the year, the process of going on holiday certainly is a stressful one. From a sheer organisational standpoint, taking yourself on a break if hard enough, let alone when you’ve got a mountain of kids and in-laws to plan for too. So, before you head out the door and make your way to the airport, what do you need to do? Here’s our essential checklist for those large family holidays.

  • Passports

Obvious, you might think, but passports can sneak up on you and cause lots of trouble. If you’ve got kids of varying ages, there’s a strong chance that their passports were issued at different points. As such, it’s vital that you check well in advance that their passports are all in date.

We’ve all made the mistake of not renewing passports in the past, so don’t let it happen again. If you’ve found a passport to be out of date close to your departure, your only option may be to go to the passport office in London, Newport, Durham, Peterborough, Liverpool Glasgow or Belfast.

  • Vaccinations

It depends on where you’re going, but it might be that vaccinations are required for you and your family. Go to your GP and let them know where you’re going and they’ll ensure that each of you is up to date with what you need.

  • Visas

Again, travel dependent, but utterly crucial to get sorted out before you leave – especially for a large family. Take the time to seriously study the documents forwarded to you and fill them out properly, one left behind means a whole trip cancelled.

  • Travel

Getting to the airport is simple enough for a large family, but travel once you’re on holiday is a different matter entirely. If you’re renting a car, think how many you’ll need to fit everyone in and their luggage.

More people doesn’t just mean more seats required, it means more boot space needed too. Factor this in to your thinking before you get there and pick some designated drivers.

  • Insurance

Who knows what could go wrong on a holiday? As such, you’ll want to take out insurance as fast as possible. That way, you won’t get caught out if your trip is cancelled or postponed, or if you have an accident whilst abroad. The last thing you want is to spend your holiday managing the kids and dealing with whatever mishap has befallen the part.

  • Hotels

As you’re travelling with kids, you’re going to want to make sure that the hotel you’re planning on staying in is kid-friendly. A great many accept smaller families, but if you’re bringing a large brood with you, it might be worth checking ahead of time that they’re comfortable and equipped for that.

  • EHIC card

If you’re travelling within the European Union, a EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) is an absolute must. It means you’ll get emergency health care for free or at a steeply reduced rate, perfect for those walking accidents that we call kids!

Now if this is all a bit much and it’s understandable why it would be. Why not consider a self-catering holiday in Cornwall? A family holiday to Cornwall does away with a lot of the stresses listed above, not to mention the amazing beaches, nature and wildlife that St.Ives and the surrounding areas have to offer. On top of all that it is a lot more affordable than going abroad!



By: Tony Townsend On:15th February 2017
Categories:Blog,Family Friendly

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