In most parts of the country and indeed the world you’ll find strings of chain restaurants, your Subways, Mcdonalds, KFC’s etc; in West Cornwall, however, you’ll find something a little more magical like Meadery Restaurants.

Mead is an ancient alcoholic drink predating beer. Similar to wine it is made using water, yeast and honey and is often flavoured with fruit and usually comes in at around 13/14%. The aptly named Cornish Mead Co. is over 50 years old and provides mead for all the Meadery restaurants featured here.

Now we don’t want to spoil the surprise, we must stress a visit to a Meadery is a must, it’s a unique experience, fun and extremely memorable and this applies to each location. So if your interest in piqued read no further and just go.

Calling all pirates, knights, wizards, wenches, maids and swashbuckling rebels a feast awaits at four independent restaurants that will transport you back in time full of feasting, celebration and you guessed it, mead.

Family friendly establishments with a concept that has been truly committed to; low lighting, wooden panel walls, taxidermy, chandeliers, suits of armour and wooden tableware to boot.

An ambience that harks back to Medieval times reminiscent of the legends of King Arthur or perhaps a hulking, creaking interior of a pirate vessel or decorated dining halls complete with ‘serving wenches’ (their words not ours) and a menu featuring gluttony-inducing dishes you eat with your hands.

You can’t book tables at Meadery restaurants so get there early or be prepared to wait for a table, we promise it’s worth it. You’ll find tourists and locals alike, young and old, couples and parties; it really is an experience that is enjoyed by all.

A Quick Guide to Meadery Restaurants in West Cornwall

So, where can you find these places of outstanding hospitality? Chicken in the Rough is on offer as well as fish, seafood and vegetarian options. Leave room for dessert, though, there is quite a choice on offer.

Waterside Meadery, Penzance

Penzance is home to the Waterside Meadery, it is located on Penzance’s harbour front which adds to the pirate-y ship like interior decor. Open Monday to Sunday: 6 pm to 10 pm.

Newlyn Meadery, Newlyn

Newlyn Meadery, Housed in what was the Gaiety Cinema, built in 1905. By far the most popular of the restaurants so arrive early as they don’t take bookings. Open Friday 6:30pm, Saturday: 6:00pm and Sunday 6:00pm

Trewellard Meadery, Trewellard

Trewellard Meadery is located in a small village not far from the famous Geevor Tin Mine. It boasts medieval décor creating a warm and relaxing environment to dine in. Open 6:30 pm- 9 pm daily

Redruth Meadery, Redruth

Redruth Meadery based in the middle of Redruth and alongside the offerings of meat, fish and vegetarian finger food they also offer a Sunday roast – not as medieval but just as delicious we’re sure. Open Thursday – Sunday 6 pm Sunday roast 12-3pm.

Planning a trip to the area?

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By: Tony Townsend On:16th May 2018

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