It should come as no surprise to dog owners, but bringing your furry little friend along on your holiday is one of the most fun and rewarding decisions you can make. From the exploration opportunities opened up to the comfort and familiarity of having your best friend alongside you on your adventure, there’s a lot to love about bringing your dog on holiday.

However, when it comes to packing for your pup, it can be easy to forget the essentials. After all, when we’re home, the everyday comforts and luxuries we offer our dogs fade into the background of daily life.

As such, we’ve decided to put together this short guide of what you should bring on your self-catering holiday in Cornwall’s Carbis Bay. Let’s dig in.

  • An updated ID tag:-The most important thing you can do for your dog when you go on holiday is to ensure that their name tag is updated with the location of your holiday address and your current contact telephone number. Dogs that get separated from their owners in unfamiliar surroundings can turn up all over the place, so ensuring that you can be quickly reunited is of the utmost importance.
  • Water for the road:-We’ve all got spare two-litre bottles going spare, so remember to fill one or two up with fresh water for the road down. That way your dog(s) can avoid dehydration and enjoy the trip just as much as you.
  • Familiar bedding:-It’s the little things that make a dog comfortable in unfamiliar surroundings – a favourite toy, a taste of a preferred treat or, indeed, their bedding from back home. If you’ve got the space to bring their bed along for the ride, do so. However, those with rigid beds might well struggle. In which, case, we’d recommend brining a blanket or duvet that they favour. If you’re running low on space, place the bed inside a vacuum-packed bag.
  • Doggy towels:-Dogs have a habit of getting dirty, so avoid the wash cycle by bringing your dog their own towels. You’ll thank us later – honestly.
  • Food, water and the relevant bowls:-Obvious? Maybe! However, we can’t stress enough just how many times we’ve directed guests to local pet shops in order to purchase food and water bowls, plus the food to go in them.
  • The little things:-Really though, it’s the little things which make your trip with your dog comfortable. We’re talking about things like tick-removing products, a dog brush, a travelling water bowl, poo bags and carpet cleaner in case of an unavoidable accident. Oh, and let’s not forget about toys either. Your pup might well have a whole new location to discover, but the fun and familiarity of their favourite toys will enhance any getaway.

Find out more about dog friendly holidays in Cornwall.  Carbis Bay Holidays have a selection of luxury dog friendly homes to enjoy with all the family.

By: Tony Townsend On:7th April 2017
Categories:Dog Friendly

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