Four Cornish coffee brands to look out for.

Coffee has become as popular as tea when it comes to Britains favourite beverage. But with so many on offer and some cafes offering more than one brand, where do you turn too for your caffeinated pick me up?

We have compiled a small list of our favourite Cornish coffee brands to look out for. Exploring the many coffee shops, cafes and restaurants on offer here in beautiful Cornwall, you will undoubtedly come across these brands on your journey. 

Here is our guide to Cornish Coffee.

Ol’ Factory

Founded in the small town of Penryn in 2013, Ol’ Factory has made quite the name for itself in a short period. The brand focuses on sustainability within the coffee industry, ensuring that all the beans are grown from trusted green bean brokers. 

Their meticulous attention to detail and small yet sublime variety of roasts help you to understand their success. The organic Steadfast roast and seasonal Knock out roast are among the favourites of cafes scattered all over the Cornish landscape. 

We have found that the Steadfast and Knock out make the perfect Americanos and Flat Whites. 


Origin has been around for over 15 years and has become somewhat of a household name here in Cornwall. Having a roastery in both Penryn and Porthleven, Origins name can be found far and wide among the coffee shops on Cornish shores. 

Not only are they sustainable, much like the above Ol’ Factory, but they also understand peoples passion for it. They produce nothing but the best and offer training courses for professional baristas and coffee enthusiasts, making for a fun day out.

The Resolute roast is probably the most common among their favoured cafes, and we would recommend you try it in a V60. 


Yallah, or ‘Let’s go!’, in Arabic, gives us a hint of why this particular sustainable coffee brand was established. In a very Cornish manner, the Yallah idea was born while surfing the shores of Morocco and spending time hanging out with locals and drinking coffee.

Founded with the shared values of environment, community and playing outdoors, Yallah has become a common addition to many coffee houses in Cornwall. Their single-origin coffee is found in various roasts, but we recommend their house roast in an oat latte. 

Cornish Tea – Coffee

Founded as the Cornish Tea Company, this Cornish brand has spread its wings into the land of coffee, covering both of Britains favourite hot beverages. With its Rainforest Alliance certification and various blends, the Cornish Coffee brand has been popping up all over the place. 

Its smooth, nutty finish is best enjoyed as an Americano in our humble opinion. 

A Coffee Brand Conclusion

In addition to the sustainability factors of these beautiful brands, it is also a great coffee. Although you can ignore our drink recommendations, we believe that these roasters produce some of the tastiest coffees we have drunk. So whether you are an Americano for breakfast person, an afternoon flat white lover, or an espresso after dinner drinker, we know you will not be disappointed with the many roasts and flavours these brands have to offer.

By: Laura Easlick On:23rd February 2021
Categories:Blog,Holiday Ideas,Local Area

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