If we’re being honest, in our lives, there’s little that gives us as much pleasure as when we come home and see the reaction of our beloved dog. The excitement and joy they feel in that moment is exactly why we love them, and so when we want to go on holiday, the thought of being without them can be a tough one – let alone how we’re going to manage it logistically.

It doesn’t have to be that way though, because with a Carbis Bay Dog Friendly Holiday you can bring your best friend along for the fun. But what are the advantages of bringing your pooch on holiday with you?

  • They encourage you to explore

One of the great joys of dog ownership is the way in which our dogs encourage us to explore. Our daily walks take us to places we might never go in our local area, and it’s the same on holiday. Discover the hidden nooks and stunning views of Cornwall with your dog by your side and you’ll see more than ever thought you would.

  • They help the kids to settle

If you’ve got kids, getting them to settle into a new environment whilst on holiday can be hard. By bringing your dog, you can inject another familiar face and rhythm into the holiday, helping your kids to relax and have fun.

  • It can save you serious money

Kennels are expensive, no matter which way you look at it. By bringing your dog on holiday, you’re cutting out the cost of giving your dog over to strangers for a week or two. Instead, you can put that money towards dining at one of Cornwall’s many Michelin starred restaurants or on a few bottles of award winning Cornish wine.

  • No guilt

The thought of our best pals stuck in an unfamiliar place is enough to make any pet owner worry, so why take on the guilt when you can share the fantastic experience of a Cornish holiday with your dog? After all, dogs make the best companions!

  • They make everywhere feel like home

Ever feel like you can’t really relax at home unless your dog is at your side? Us too, which is just another reason why bringing your dog along for the trip is a great idea. Your Carbis Bay cottage becomes a home away from home when you’ve got your dog sleeping at your feet.

Our Dog Friendly Holidays feature free stays for dogs and complimentary dog treats on arrival, with many cottages available with enclosed gardens for letting your dog relax outside in safety. There are also many dog-friendly beaches in Cornwall for you and your four-legged friend to explore. Some properties even welcome two dogs, twice the fun! So, whatever you’re planning to do on your Cornwall holiday, do it with your dog, you won’t regret making that choice.

By: Tony Townsend On:24th February 2017
Categories:Blog,Dog Friendly

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